Co-polymer Rope: A Strong Rope That’s Excellent for Working Around Liquids

Our co-polymer ropes are built using a blend of polypropylene and polyethylene materials. The synthetic fibre of the rope has great abrasion resistance and can be used for a wide range of uses. The rope is known for its an ability to hold a knot and it floats.

Co-polymer rope is a popular choice for use around various liquids due to its ability to float and not rot. The rope is not affected by acids, alkalis, oils, gas and various other chemicals. It also works well outside with its excellent ability to resist damage from UV rays.

Typical uses of Co-polymer rope include:

  • Outdoor general applications
  • Sturdy tie-downs
  • Aquaculture
  • Control lines
  • Barrier rope

Co-polymer rope is a very affordable rope option with an excellent value compared to various other rope types.

We have a wide range of co-polymer rope in stock in various colours and sizes. We offer both reel and hanks of co-polymer rope.


Product No.DescriptionPackage TypeUPC CodeShipping WeightMaster PackInner Pack
520120-00050-GGG3/8" x 50' Twisted Polypropylene Rope - Orange w/Blue TracerHank0-55131-62012-20.83101
520120-00100-GGG3/8" x 100' Twisted Polypropylene Rope - Orange w/Blue TracerHank0-55131-62013-91.8151


Product No.DescriptionReel TypeReel SizeUPC CodeShipping WeightMaster PackInner Pack
520060-01225-GGG3/16" x 2125' Twisted Poypropylene Rope - OrangeFibre10x100-55131-61188-510.6211
520080-01310-GGG1/4" x 1310' Twisted Poypropylene Rope - OrangeFibre10x100-55131-61229-510.4811
520100-00975-GGG5/16" x 975' Twisted Poypropylene Rope - OrangeFibre10x100-55131-61089-511.711
520120-00630-GGG3/8" x 630' Twisted Poypropylene Rope - Orange w/Blue TracerFibre10x100-55131-61049-911.7811
520160-00335-GGG1/2" x 335' Twisted Poypropylene Rope - Orange w/Blue TracerFibre10x100-55131-61230-112.1911
520200-00200-GGG5/8" x 200' Twisted Poypropylene Rope - Orange w/Blue TracerFibre10x100-55131-61231-812.2811
520240-00125-GGG3/4" x 125' Twisted Poypropylene Rope - Orange w/Blue TracerFibre10x100-55131-61232-511.4411