Cotton Ropes Reels for Sale – Decorative and High-Performing Ropes

Cotton is an excellent material for creating ropes. Although not the strongest material for ropes, many are surprised by the amount of stress the material can handle. Usually white in colour, people tend to select cotton ropes due to the very soft feel it provides. In addition to being great to handle, it can hold a knot very well.

With its very soft feel, many take advantage of a cotton ropes texture for various decorative uses around the house. It’s the perfect rope to safely play with household pets.

Typical uses of cotton rope include:

  • Butcher twine
  • Mason lines
  • Decorative fabrics
  • Pet toys
  • Tying and bundling
  • Sash and blind cords
  • Craft material
  • Household decorative items

The natural fibre of cotton provides a comfortable feel, it also makes the rope very eco-friendly and biodegradable. Cotton ropes are UV resistant and perform remarkably well in intense heat.

It’s important to store your cotton rope in a cool and dry place to prevent it from kinking. Cotton ropes are more susceptible to rot, mildew and chemical degradation.

Cotton ropes have a wide range of decorative and industrial uses. We offer high standard cotton rope in various sizes and styles.


Product No.DescriptionPackage TypeUPC CodeShipping WeightMaster PackInner Pack
1111-WA300' #15 Cotton Cable TwineTwine Tube0-73938-01111-00.29301
1136-WA200' #16 Medium Plied Cotton TwineTwine Tube0-73938-01136-30.2361
1137-WA370' #16 Medium Plied Cotton TwineTwine Tube0-73938-01137-00.31241
2230-WA300' #6 Fine Plied Cotton TwineTwine Tube0-73938-02230-70.12361
5054-WA300' #30 Plied Cotton Butcher CordTwine Tube0-73938-05054-60.5241
CC1805-WA400' # 18 Cotton Cable Mason TwineTwine Tube0-73938-01805-80.37201
1200891248' Cotton Butcher Twine 6R 8ply (1 lb tube)Twine Tube0-55131-12009-71.015010
135-WA3/16" x 50' Cotton Knit Braid - NaturalHank0-73938-00013-80.22361
14S-WA3/16" x 100' Cotton Knit Braid - NaturalHank0-73938-00014-50.4181
15S-WA7/32" x 50' Cotton Solid Braid Sash Cord - NaturalHank0-73938-00015-20.4201
19S-WA7/32" x 100' Cotton Solid Braid Sash Cord - NaturalHank0-73938-00019-00.8121
52S-WA1/4" x 100' Cotton Solid Braid Sash Cord - NaturalHank0-73938-00052-71.4121
53S-WA5/16" x 100' Cotton Solid Braid Sash Cord - NaturalHank0-73938-00053-42121
237-WA3/8" x 100' Cotton Solid Braid Sash Cord - NaturalHank0-73938-00237-83.2121
65P-WA1/8" x 30' Cotton Venetian Blind Cord - NaturalBag0-73938-90065-00.11361

Product No.DescriptionReel TypeReel SizeUPC CodeShipping WeightMaster PackInner Pack
120080-00550-0001/4" x 550' Cotton Solid Braid- NaturalFibre10x60-55131-60156-51011
1137-WA370' #16 Medium Plied Cotton TwineFibre10x107-71473-30121-42011
2230-WA300' #6 Fine Plied Cotton TwineBulk Reel10x107-71473-30128-32011
5054-WA300' #30 Plied Cotton Butcher CordFibre10x107-71473-30141-21411